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A2 Alkaline Degreaser 1 liter - concentrated
A2 Alkaline Degreaser 1 liter - concentrated
A2 Alkaline Degreaser 1 liter - concentrated


A2 Alkaline Degreaser 1 liter - concentrated

Sale price€11,00 EUR

This is the pureest A2, our alkaline degreaser suitable for removing organic dirt such as pollen, bird droppings, salt during the winter and general road grime and traffic film. It is used as a pre-wash. 

If your vehicle is all sticky from standing under a tree, we recommend the pureest T3 Tar remover instead!


There are two kinds of degreasers that serve different purposes, they differ a lot and therefore it is key to know the difference.
Tar Removers: Cannot be diluted and removes oil-based contaminants, such as tar, asphalt spots, spilled gas, diesel or glue. Our tar remover is called the T3.
Alkaline Degreasers: Removes most organic matters as well as dirt, pollen, bird spilling and road salt. Our Alkaline degreaser is called the A2.

The A2 is concentrated and needs to be diluted with water prior to using. The dilution ratio can be anywhere between 1:10 and 1:25 depending on how dirty the car is. Avoid using degreasers in direct sunlight. If you dilute it as lean as possible, the price per liter becomes incredibly low. 

This product is made in Sweden with love and with rough Scandinavian environments in mind, which means that this is one if few alkaline degreaser that actually removes salt.

How to use:

1. Mix the A2 with water in a push lance, dilute as described above.
2. Apply an even layer on the entire car, but try to avoid front and rear lights as well as untreated aluminum trim. Consult your car manufacturer and hear their take on degreasers.
3. Let the product sit for 2-4 minutes, but don't let it dry in.
4. Rinse off with a high pressure washer.

As always we recommend using gloves when working with chemicals, and avoid using this product in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces. If the paint is hot, cool it down with a rinse of cold water.

This product is made in Sweden with love!

Is the product currently out of stock? We try to stay on top of our quantity levels but sometimes we run out either way. Expect us to get the product back in stock within 10 days of ordering.

Color: Green
Perfume: Pureest Fly
Trigger: Childproof cap (no trigger)
PH: 13
None of products contain PFAS (high fluorinated agents). The A2 is also free from VOC-solvents.