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T3 Tar Remover 1 liter
T3 Tar Remover 1 liter
T3 Tar Remover 1 liter


T3 Tar Remover 1 liter

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T3 is our tar remover. A petroleum based degreaser specifically designed Nordic and Scandinavian climates in mind where there is a lot of dirt, rain and snow on the roads during the winter. Some even call this kind of product a cold degreaser. Many similar products only works when applied on a dry car, but the pure:est T3 is unique since it can also be applied on a wet car. Perfect for the rainy seasons and winter time!

There are two different kinds of degreasers that serve different purposes;
Tar Removers: Cannot be diluted and removes oil-based contaminants, such as tar, asphalt spots, spilled gas, diesel or glue. Our tar remover is named T3
Alkaline Degreasers: Removes most organic matters as well as dirt, pollen, bird spilling and road salt. Our alkaline Degreaser is called A2.

The T3 is made in Sweden with love!

How to use:

1, Spray T3 directly on the surface, you only need to apply it up to the height of the door handles. Be cautious on untreated plastic parts.
2, Let it sit on the surface for 2-4 minutes.
3, Rinse off with a high pressure washer.

This product is made in Sweden with love!

Color: Transparent
Scent: Not scented
Nozzle: Mounted spray trigger.
This product cannot be diluted with water.
Other: None of our products contain PFAS (high fluorinated agents)

Always use gloves when working with chemicals, stay away from direct sunlight.

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