Hello, happy to have you here!

Now a short view back to the past..


As an avid petrolhead, you are always met with gazillion different car care brands, and you are in most cases in for quite an underwhelming experience. It even reached where Alexander started to source products from the US to use himself since this was the only solution to get hold of products that actually met his demands (a bit picky, yes). 

This also provided Alexander with smorgasbord of products which he actually liked, so when the time came for him to start mixing and blending his own products, he had something to compare to. And the aim was to not only match, but exceed what the big global names could achieve. 

After a few years of testing, trial and error, Alexander landed in a selection of mega products developed by himself, and pureest was born. One of our main objectives was always to have a straight forward and easy to understand naming system. This is something we still use to this day (for example, S stands for schampoo and 1 stands for the best shampoo in S1) Fast forward a few years, and whilst Alexander doesn’t fill the bottles in his garage anymore, the products are still made in Sweden with love which still to this day a very rare aspect.

During this time Carl, our technological mastermind and John, our mr-worldwide joined the journey to become the best car care company in the world. 

We hope you like what you see and wishes for a lot of happy washing!