Pureest wool polishing pad
Pureest wool polishing pad


Pureest wool polishing pad

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Our wool polishing pad is made of high quality materials and is perfect to achieve a highest cutting grade, only to be used on heavily worn surfaces. We recommend inexperienced and curious future polish enthusiasts to begin with our foam pads. This pad has a central hole of 22mm to be compatible with all machines, or it can function as a ventilation hole to reduce heat. It can also be machine washed in 30c to ensure a long longevity.

Keep in mind that each car has a different paint structure and hardness in the coat. Experiment with different compounds and pads. There is no perfect combination for all cars. Some manufacturers or types of paint are easier to polish than others.

This product is made in Sweden with love.

Measurements: Polishing surface is 140mm, contact patch to polish machine is 130mm.
Material: Wool

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