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Foam gun 1 - For tar removers

Sale price€29,50 EUR

High quality foam gun for our tar removing chemicals.

This is a foam gun made of durable and high quality materials. All the rubber and plastic components are made to be compatible with pure:est T3, our tar remover.

To further extend the durability of the product, make sure to release the air pressure during storage, and place the upper part in water.

There are two different kinds of degreasers that serve different purposes;
Tar Removers: Cannot be diluted and removes oil-based contaminants, such as tar, asphalt spots, spilled gas, diesel or glue.
Alkaline Degreasers: Removes most organic matters as well as dirt, pollen, bird spilling and road salt.

Made in Italy.

1.5 liter capacity with a percentage dosage meter.

Is the product currently out of stock? We try to stay on top of our quantity levels but sometimes we run out either way. Expect us to get the product back in stock within 10 days of ordering.