P7 Ceramic glass coating 50ml
P7 Ceramic glass coating 50ml
P7 Ceramic glass coating 50ml
P7 Ceramic glass coating 50ml


P7 Ceramic glass coating 50ml

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No need to use the windscreen wipers after applying this class coating.

The pure:est P7 is a glass treatment for the vehicle's windows. The products leaves a coating on the windscreen which makes it extremely water repellant (hydrophobic). You hardly need to use the windscreen wipers in speeds above 60-70km/h. The P7 also increases the glossiness of the windows and slightly improves visibility. Expected durability is 6 months if you use the windscreen wipers moderately.

How to use:
Always use plastic gloves.
Prior to applying, make sure that the windows are completely clean. Clean the windows with pure:est G1, and to be on the safe side also clean them with isopropanol. Make sure that no other previous coating is left on the windows.

1. Apply a few drops on the applicator (around 10ml's is needed for one windscreen)
2. Use the applicator on the entire window by working with horizontal motions
3. Wait 15-20 minutes and preferably in a garage that is 20-25 degrees Celsius (70-77 degrees Fahrenheit)
4. Wipe off with a clean micro fiber towel
5. Do another wipe with another micro fiber towel to fully make sure all product residue is wiped off.
6. Once done, you can begin applying the optional layer number 2, though this is al- ways recommended on the windscreen as the washer fluid and wiper blades can compromise the protection if only one layer is applied.

Do not apply in direct sunlight.
The vehicle should not be in contact with water 12 hours after the application so letting the car sit in a garage overnight is optimal. The vehicle should also not be washed for 5 days since the ceramic coating is still in its hardening process.

This product cannot be diluted