C2 Clay Lube Spray 500ml
C2 Clay Lube Spray 500ml
C2 Clay Lube Spray 500ml


C2 Clay Lube Spray 500ml

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The pure:est C2 is our lubricant specially made for reducing the friction when using a the pure:est C1 Clay bar on your paint. Reduced friction equals better results!

Why you should use a clay bar and a clay lube spray
Our cars are exposed all kinds of dirt and contaminants.
Even though the car may seem spotless after a thorough cleaning, there will still be microscopical contaminants that are etched into the clear coat. A great method for removing these particles is to use a clay bar. The stickiness of the clay pulls the contaminants from the paint, and you will just by looking at what gets stuck in the clay see just how effective it is!

Does these contaminants matter if you normally can’t see them? Yes! It’s important to perform this step before polishing, since these particles will obstruct the polishing process and the result won't be as good as it could and should be. To achieve stunning polishing results, a fully decontaminated surface is an absolute necessity.

Keep in mind that this is intended to be used prior to polishing the car, so the surface might be dulled a little after using the clay bar. To reduce the loss of gloss we recommend to use the pure:est C2 in conjunction with the C1 to ensure that the surface is lubricated ro reduce friction. Don't use the C1 and C2 in direct sunlight and make sure to wear gloves

How to use:
Make sure the car is completely clean.

Apply the C2 lubricant spray to both the clay and the surface.

Work the clay over the whole paint in cross-hatch motions, if the clay bar is full of grime, simply fold it and drag it out again.

Wipe off the C2 and start the polishing

Both products are made in Sweden with love.

Color: Light Blue.
Scent: Pureest signature scent.
Nozzle: Spray trigger.
Dilution: This product can be diluted with water.
Avoid storing the product in freezing conditions.
Other: None of our products contain PFAS (high fluorinated agents)

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