A3 Alkaline snow foam 1 Liter
A3 Alkaline snow foam 1 Liter
A3 Alkaline snow foam 1 Liter
A3 Alkaline snow foam 1 Liter


A3 Alkaline snow foam 1 Liter

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This is the pureest A3, our way of making the pre-wash more enjoyable with a foam party! Pre-washing together with our foamlance has many perks, the process is much faster than manually applying a degreaser and the foam can sit and dwell for longer on surface before it dries in. The main part however is that it just looks so spectacular and satisfying covering the whole car in foam.

When cleaning or detailing a car, the pre wash is just as important as the shampooing itself. The idea is to remove as much dirt as possible before the contact wash in order to reduce the risk of swirl marks.

This product has an alkaline base, which means its highly effective against organic dirt, such as pollen, bird spilling and much more. It carries a milder PH-level than our A2 Alkaline degreaser which means that it is kinder to paint protection. If you car is severely filthy we recommend to use the A2 instead.

The A3 is made in Sweden with love. During the development of this product we invited a selection of influencers to arise feedback and criticisms. Pureest A3 is therefore uniquely developed with the input of our ambassadors.

How to use:

1. Dilute the product either by mixing with water in the foamlance bottle or by adjusting the water flow so you get a satisfactory foam. A3 can be diluted with 10-20 parts water.
2. Apply with your foamlance and adjust the water flow to your liking.
3. Let sit on the surface in 2-3 minutes.
4. Rinse off with a high pressure washer.


Color: Purple
Scent: Pureest Cologne
Nozzle: Childproof cap
Dilution: This product can be diluted with water.
PH: 11
Avoid storing the product in freezing conditions.
Other: None of our products contain PFAS (high fluorinated agents)